About Us


My husband and I came up with the idea for Ashworth Made in 2014. We knew that we wanted to start a business where we could sell leather products that people loved. Our focus is on classic, clean and functional products. We want to make treasures that will last a lifetime and become part of people's lives.


We love the outdoors and staying active; in fact, we just love life in general. We also love good stuff that lasts a long time and works well. That’s where AshworthMade began. It started with the idea for a camp stool that would work for us while on the road camping, sitting around a campfire at home or toting up the mountain to enjoy a cup of tea by a mountain lake. (By the way, we have yet to launch the stool, but it’s coming - don’t worry). Since then, we’ve let life lead us down the road of developing new products. Some have been our own ideas, others have been special requests from friends that wanted something they couldn’t find anywhere else. We put a lot of heart into each piece that is made and they are all made by us. And we use most of these items on a daily basis as well, so they are officially “road tested” by us. Bottom line - they are functional items that are built to last and are pretty swell looking, if we do say so ourselves.

All our products are made (by us) right here in West Michigan and although not all of the resources we utilize are local, we are constantly striving to keep our support local whenever possible. We know that means a lot of things, one being able to support our fellow small businesses and also putting less strain on the environment in terms of shipping. This is an ever-evolving process and as new opportunities arise for us to better support local we will eagerly make that change. We don’t believe in changes that lessen the quality of the product though -so no worries in that department!

A bit about the tools of the trade here at AshworthMade. . . . one of the centerpieces of our shop is a well-loved Singer that used to be in a local GM factory. (How we ever managed to get it down a flight of steps is beyond us, but it’s here to stay - forever - because it’s too heavy to move out). Good news is that it runs great and does some stellar stitching for us that keeps all the goods we make snug and looking good. Our machine we take on the road is a family heirloom Singer that’s almost too pretty to use, but we do it anyways. Lots of punches, straight edges, mauls, hammers, razor blades and thread line the shelves as well. Seems as though you need a special tool for just about everything you do with leather. . . and we’ve got a few (and a few more).

Meet AshworthMade - Steve - he does all the leather work. Cutting, stamping, sewing and design. He began leatherworking later in life and has had the opportunity to be mentored by another local leather work at DocNoper Gun Leather. Yes, it’s different products, but it’s all leather, and we’ve both learned a great deal from him and are grateful for his guidance as we continue to learn and improve our skills. Outside of leather, Steve is a husband and a father to 2 wonderful children. He’s a member of the Michigan Awesome Triathlon team, so running, biking and swimming are just a few ways he spends his spare time. Camping, yoga, hiking and traveling use up the rest of that spare time pretty well.

His other half is me, Korrie. I am not the leatherworker, but am the official “shipper”. Yes - that means I package and ship out all the orders to all of you!! YAY - I love getting stuff in the mail - especially when it’s great stuff!! So, I guess this position suits me. As of late, I’ve also been doing the burning on our custom leather orders. I’ve always enjoyed lettering and this is a great opportunity to use the skills I have and, of course, improve upon them.

We view our process here at AshworthMade as one that is ever evolving and never stagnant. We believe constant improvement in our products, skills and materials is the only way we can provide the best product possible for you, our customer. We are blessed to have the opportunity to create these small works of art and honored that you’ve stopped by to check us out (and hopefully you’ll find something you can’t live without).


Steve & Korrie